Sunday, June 1, 2008

color pallate assignment

cool,and cold.soft color.

soft chocolate color.feel like spring.nice

cold feeling.and feel soft.the color is soft.i like this.

had the fall feeling.

soft and dull.kinda repersent the cool.

cool green.because it dull,it have some dark feeling.feel cool and cold


colorful.bright orange bring out the happy feeling.

the red brings out anger,hot. some of the red are not bright,so it feel a bit dull.

this one all is quite chocolate.had some dark feeling,but is on a cake.i think is quite delicious to eat.the color bring out the spring feel

this brings out jungle feel.and the red brings out anger.the other color feel clam.

all the color looks cold and dull.and it also looks cool.feel a bit cold when look at it.but i love this color


Miyavi Honey said...

wahseih...sasuke alert XDD lol
ehh you read eyeshield 21 too?
i love the manga...XDD
im gonna cosplay as sena for the end of the year cosplay convention (comic fiesta)

orkidfa said...

yup~i got read too!
ooo~~~really ar?
then i also want cosplay as sasuke!!