Thursday, February 26, 2009


You are Gold Raccoon, who display an easy outlook, and are very graceful.
You give an impression of typical traditional Japanese women.
You are always quiet, and will not speak out your thoughts openly.
Your modesty and gracefulness will avoid friction, and will be able to make the harsh atmosphere turn friendly.
You tend to forget things easily and make easy promises.
But your cheerful and active character pays for those weak points.
It may be a good idea if you take notes.
You don't think things seriously, and people may think you to be too indifferent.
This may be a good thing to do sometimes, but it may also result in you losing important things and people.
But once you set an objective, your concentration is amazing.
Once you start on something, you will accomplish the goal no matter what.
Unlike your pretty atmosphere, in real life, you are very active person, and although you may look sensitive, you have great nerve and guts.
You also possess observing eyes towards people, and have great talent and know how to get on in life.
You act as though you are weak towards men, but really you are the one manipulating them successfully.
You are likely to make your husband a dominating one.
You are more interested in your career than your love life.
But once you fall in love, you get extremely passionate, and will attack with all your heart and mind and strength.
After getting married, you will put all your energy into your family.

Doubutsu Uranai

Monday, February 23, 2009

how to survive when u saw a perverted guy

the world really many perverted guy..what the.
this morning my friend saw a perverted guy again.this time was an old man around 40++. So old edi still want to do this kind of things. Really no brain. 40++ already can be our dad, still show his there to us..fuck him...

i really not understand why showing their there very "suang" meh? next time u guys see these kind of people,spray pepper spray at their there. Kick him.
Ofcos,u have to see the condition. If at night,ofcos run away la. If morning,you can do that la.

so, if u guys see any of this kind people. take their photo, spray them, shout at them:" wa!so small 1",take down their car number,tell everyone in the college.kick them if u can.scratch their car if u see them anywhere.

so gals.becareful and be smart!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

damn movie damn people

this poster typography very nice right?the composition is so nice,the color is nice,and the graphic simple yet nice.So you going to think this movie is nice?
Then you are big wrong!!!
This movie sucks!waste money,waste time! can't understand what the movie trying to focus point at all!! DON'T WATCH!

PJS9 people!!!Announcement!!!!!

Careful with a white WIRA "BFL" !! A guy don't know what he trying to do! i think is a perverted guy!! Careful Girls!

if you saw that guy again...Please remember his car number! damn him!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

mini flash game

the Great Living Room Escape
The Great Kitchen Escape
The Great Bathroom Escape
The Great Basement Escape
The Great Bedroom Escape

Charger Escape

nice game...try it!
i was thinking to make a game that similar like this..=.=//
can i really do this?!
"how to survive when you boring"

Friday, February 13, 2009

my life

Did you guys gone thru the life where by someone walk into your life and mess up with your life and just walk away like that?

Not really wanna to think back the past where the person step into my life. It just that day that person ask my help and i just think back.Actually wasn't all is the person fault,i also have the fault. i should be more rational. it just when you think back, you will just think about how wonderful if the person doesn't appear or if that thing doesn't happen.

I'm not really happy with the person,cos that person just mess up with my life,leaving the scar on me and the person himself walk away like nothing happen.and after hurting me,now wanted me to help back that person.
just fck off...dun expect i will treat you like what i treat you last time. i will never be good to the person i dislike or hate.

the person that appeared really change my life(mayb..more or less it will also have) change my personality( a bit ba?)
hrm..mayb be more mature already..look into a friend when you try to make friend with,that's what i learn.think twice before you do yourself more than trust a friend.have more friends is always the best way.

blah blah....just want to said out the feeling i have...dun ask me wat is it.i wont want to talk about it.

enjoy the life i have now,that's what i know.but...i really feel my life very boring,dull.
i still hate that person now.hate everything that person have.the attitude,the way of thinking...all

Sunday, February 8, 2009

boring day

visual fund sketches...just saw someone showing his i also sudden feel want to post it up to

boring day...whole day only do the story board...wat also hvnt do..sien...
last nite i chat with my forum fri,and found out their college is much more better than ours...their college have outdoor activities,like volleyball this and that.our college activities are, design competiton that design sien la

other college student having so lots of fun..we just stay at home and play with our assignment...
play with adobe illustrator,photoshop,flash..and notepad...

i want to play!!but no 1 play with me lo...y i so childish geh?they all so mature...dun want play with me..T-T yer...i dun want grow up...tell me!!tell me that i still 17!

happy day+ watches collection+ someone hate sasuke!!

that day we go lou shang together with siawhui them...quite fun~then when we waiting for siawhui them,we play cards.we judi!!ahahaha...tat colleen lo...judi kaki!! at the 1st i lose money de.then after i be the bank,i win!! liao RM1.9

kekeke....we playing stupid while waiting the yu shang come...haha

colleen said go buy slipper...but at last she go buy high heels again!!!!

my watches collection~~~~ ^=^
showing my watches collection to colleen!!ahahahaha

when i looking in deviant art with some cosplay of naruto...i found this.. click here
i never taught that someone will hate god!y they hate sasuke?! dislike their article!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

chinese new year + assignment +bamboo fun

yosh...i bought the bamboo fun A5 size cost me expensive!no money edi! i use the angpao money to buy about angpao,our chinese new year sucks.lot of assignment waiting for us to do,while other ppl is enjoying the chinese new year.

go visit friends house also thinking about the assignment.
playing also thinking the assignment.
yam cha also thinking the assignment.
eating also.
sleeping also.
walao...the assignment is my bf.always thinking about my darling..=.=''

then tuesday morning suddenly have 1 knows about it la... boring,so dun want to do the assignment edi...

the bamboo for fun to take this pic. :"wao!this piece of thing need RM563?!"