Tuesday, February 3, 2009

chinese new year + assignment +bamboo fun

yosh...i bought the bamboo fun A5 size edi...it cost me RM563.wao...so expensive!no money edi! i use the angpao money to buy it..talk about angpao,our chinese new year sucks.lot of assignment waiting for us to do,while other ppl is enjoying the chinese new year.

go visit friends house also thinking about the assignment.
playing also thinking the assignment.
yam cha also thinking the assignment.
eating also.
sleeping also.
walao...the assignment is my bf.always thinking about my darling..=.=''

then tuesday morning suddenly have class.no 1 knows about it also..so..angry la...
haiz...so boring,so stress...so dun want to do the assignment edi...

the bamboo funlol..it for fun to take this pic. :"wao!this piece of thing need RM563?!"


Colleen a.k.a Aya said...

i wanttttttttttttttt~
please buy for mi~~~

orkidfa said...

haha...bring ur angpao money to me la.
then i help u buy