Thursday, November 27, 2008

fantasy's the refine interface...hope it looks nicer...comment pls..

1st interface design...erm..this 1 better or last time tat 1 better?how about the logo color?

2nd interface design.. the 1st or 2nd background better?which 1 nicer?any comment to improve?

3rd interface..1 logo color better or 2nd better?

how about the background?any comment?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

fantasy dragon's my 3rd interface no idea how to do

which 1 do u like?any comment?i feel like kinda weird...but dunno where

Fantasy Dragon (tattoo)

okay...heres my interface title is ''Fantasy Dragon'' and im doing tattoo as my product. i have some trouble with my logo..color problem..still refining my logo,so later onli put the logo onto the interface design

here's the 1st interface design..any comment?

2nd interface design..hvnt put the logo there yet.will be on top left side.which 1 nicer?any comment for me...?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

play with me..

ta daa...haha...dunno y these few days keep updating blog...maybe is too boring,too stress already..haiz...i need to play...

well,that day me n my mom go back my uncle house to pack back the things that i left over at his house,i saw a kindergarten near my uncle house. it looks swimming pool,play sand de place,the jump up n down de things,the small play ground..waaa....when i look at it i feel like really wanna play at there..kekeke...dun said I'm childish...not at all...wakakakaka

Monday, November 17, 2008

i wanna stay as a child...

now i really realise that i, slower and slower, one step and one step closer to the adult world. which i never want to. the adult world are to complicated,hard to understand, lots of different kind of people. a very realistic world.

slowly,i meet lots of different people, problems, and some unreasonable people.people who do not talk reasons..and with my personality, my hot temper, lots of trouble comes..maybe i really should learn to clam down.learn to be smart when with some dun talk reasons de people. i shall ask god to cool my temper down..haha..ask god to change my personality..
change to patience,became more girlish,talk nicely,erm...cant think of other else..

adult world= mask world

y mask world?cos everybody also wearing a mask to live on.without the mask,we hardly to survive in this cruel world.that's y,i do not like to grow up.i know lots of things we hv to go through.but just dunno how to handle it when it comes..

doraemon....borrow me ur time machine pls...haha

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

house owner that do not use her brain

why, in this world, when you hvnt reach that age,mostly will been bully by people? same things happen to gender.if you are a gal,they bully you.if you are a guy,they respect you,talk nicely to you.what is this kind of rule!!cant you all just respect everyone on the earth here!stupid!

people who DO NOt know how to respect my mom,dun you wish that i will respect you back!

i never seen such a person in the world,the house owner.she like cari pasal with me,talk such none respect word about my mom!what the..i dun care she use what kind of tone talk to me.i wont care.but you do not talk about/to my mom with those UN RESPECT TONE!i will not back off when you start talking like that!you think you older than my mom then can dun respect her ar?!din GOD tell you to respect other people's mom!!my mom only telephone her twice that day to said about the house.then she said she very stress!!what the FUCK!!said my mom so ''gan cheong'' for what!! wau... phone her TWICE then she very STRESS wor!!

then i very upset what she said.i started to said,every mother also will worry about their child,then she gan cheong you let her gan lo!then that day the whole house black off edi,no electric.i call her to ask where is that stupid main plug at,since i search the whole house also did not found 1.then when i call her she said she is not free.NOT FREE ma, then i said ok lo!she said CALL ME BACK! then i wait lo! hello,since you said you are NOT FREE,then i dare to continue talking?ur not free maybe is meeting,driving car,on said CALL ME BACK!! then i wait lo!call her at the 2nd time,she dun pick my phone. black out leh!!i no need do assg ar!after half hour or more,since she not calling back then i go the opposite house to ask lo. the most funny things is,she said,if that is so urgent,cant you just ask although I'm busy?!WAT the...if you said you are busy,how dare i continue to ask?since you said you will call me back,i'll wait lo...fuck...never seen such a unreasonable people! if she stress i MORE STRESS than her ar!!

STRESS...stress wor...2 phone will make her stress wor...stress her asshole ar!! i was so unhappy she talk about my mom like that. i point out my finger and said, dun you talk about my mom like that!! i dun think in this world when people started talking ur mom like that you still can talk nicely to that people! who you think i am!? still said she believe in god...damn it...believe in god de people is like that ar?i think god had ask you to respect other people's mom!god wor....i'll said god damn you! still said she ''friendly''..yes..she is friendly when she talk to my dad,indeed VERY FRIENDLY. when she talk to my mom also very ''friendly'' to me more ''friendly''

I'll never forgive those people who talk bad to/about my mom and hurt my mom.if that people who hurt my mom,I'm sure will kill you!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

housemate....GOD HELP ME.....!!

arrrgghh!!!!really cannot tahan my housemate edi...never taught she will be so dirty!!
my god!as a gal,must be clean..well,erm...i also not really that clean,sometimes too many works no time clean my room then i will just left least is only my room untidy!but my housemate....god...i tahan long ago liao!

THE BATHROOM!!i really hate my bathroom dirty!so i just keep on cleaning and cleaning.she just keep on dirty it and dirty it.sometime the rubbish(hair or somethings else) just leave it on the floor..damn it...cant you just use water and sweep it away!did you know that very disgusting!very hard to do that meh?

more disgusting is...when she period...damn it..the blood...shit...still at the bathroom!!wat think you are the only 1 who using the bathroom ar?stupid!use ur is so disgusting... X<

the others things i still can help her sweep away when i use the bathroom(almost every time i use also need to simply clean it 1st)...period...wat the...walau...really want kill her ar...damn..this is the 1st time i ever see such a unclean gal...

the washing basin also...always left the plate there for long enough only wash...then dirty it liao also dun use water pour around it de...damn...dirty enough...i dunno how can she tahan de...