Friday, July 11, 2008

user test(stroy telling)

i got a problem with the background...the color i dunno put wat...if texture i also duno put wat...comment of urs are very need~!thx o u realise that u are in the story page?
a.ofcos i know b .o.... c. really ar? d.wat?!this is a story page?!

2.the 1st background better or the 2nd better?
a. 1st one b.2nd one c.3rd d.4th e.all also not nice f.aiya...change the color la!

3.can you read the story?are the words clear?
a.yes b.change the color of the words c.change the fornt!cant read! d.cant read at all is the characther design?

a.the color of the colth not nice b.nice c.change the character d.very weird

5..wat did u like most in this main page design?
a.the color b.the paper c.mother d.Jack e.others?(list down)

6.does the design of this story telling attract ur attention and wanted to continue reading?
a Yes! b.ok la c.erm.... d. NO!

7.Do u understand the story?

a.yup b.after reading,yes c.not really d.i dunno wat is talking about

8.Suggestion for improving (the navigate/interface design/color/background/character/front)?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

user test(loading page)

1.does this design attract ur attention?

a.yes b. okla c.not really!

2.wat did u like in this loading page?

a.the color b.the design c.the movement of the beanstalk d.nothing at all the color combination is good?
a. strongly agree b. agree c. strongly disagree d.disagree

4.Suggestion for improving (the navigate/interface design/color/background)?

user test(main page)

1.does the button(navigate) are easy to notice?

a.very easy b. quite ok c.let me find awhile need me to find it so long e.where is it?!

2.does the design is easy to understand?

a. strongly agree b. agree c. strongly disagree d.disagree

3.does the design of this main page attract ur attention?

a Yes! b.ok la c.erm.... d. NO! the color combination is good?

a. strongly agree b. agree c. strongly disagree d.disagree

5.wat did u like most in this main page design?

a.the color b.the design of the outside bar c.the bean stalk d.Jack

6.Suggestion for improving (the navigate/interface design/color/background)?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

my aunt and my cousin from Australia back edi~~~

batik presentation on thrusday that day.finally!finish edi!!lucky,our group din giv ppl shoot much.So luck.hahaha...after presentation, i rush back home.Fly ym alone to dinner herself.haha..she so charm...i rush back to midvalley to meet my aunt that come back from Australia.My aunt and my cousin, long time no see edi..I was thinking to bring my cousin to play..but....dunno where to play..haiz...Then nite we go someone house to have dinner. In the conclusion is, that night, i only do a bit of the interface design.

Second day,i fly ym and colleen them alone to discuss the culture and society assignment...i so bad la..haha.then afternoon we go back our hometown.
marble game...long time no play edi cos no one play with me. we are so boring at home,so i take this games out to play with them,quite fun~

durian eating~my aunt love it so much,so my dad drive to somewhere else to buy the durian for her.but my cousin dun like it.then we buli her by forcing her eat~hahahaha~~

my cousin bought two turtle to play,but then the turtle fell into the seat. then we all korek here korek there also cannot take the turtle out.but at last also take out edi....all sweating...hahahah
my aunt bite me er....>.<'' she bite me can i bite her canot... so sui -.-then i want revenge on her daughter,so i want bite my aunt put her hand in my mouth,but still my cousin dun let me bite..hahahamy cousin stopping me to bite her.wkakakakakaa..wat a cute cousin i have~she is so sven(斯文)

this few days i was company them.very less go do my interface design...die lo...only do a few...awwwwwww...y they come back at these busy...i still want play with my cousin leh..