Wednesday, July 9, 2008

user test(main page)

1.does the button(navigate) are easy to notice?

a.very easy b. quite ok c.let me find awhile need me to find it so long e.where is it?!

2.does the design is easy to understand?

a. strongly agree b. agree c. strongly disagree d.disagree

3.does the design of this main page attract ur attention?

a Yes! b.ok la c.erm.... d. NO! the color combination is good?

a. strongly agree b. agree c. strongly disagree d.disagree

5.wat did u like most in this main page design?

a.the color b.the design of the outside bar c.the bean stalk d.Jack

6.Suggestion for improving (the navigate/interface design/color/background)?


Anonymous said...

testing 1 2 3

Anonymous said... answers r..
1- b
2- b
3- b
4- a
5- c
thats all..
hmm i think the pic is quite intersting,but the color is still not there..but over all is ok

Miyavi Honey said...

1.a.very easy

2.b. agree

3.b.ok la

4.not really

5.the navigation and the leaves

6.the colours for jack,house,cow and beanstock need to brighter..its too dull and cold colour...make it bringt like the leaves colors, and play with texture a bit

ahkean said...

the combination of the color is not good enough.but the leaf make people focus on the jack and house. so that i didn't notice the button at first.

hui said...

erm.. maybe d button's word can b more 3d..
maybe will b more nicer lor...
i thk .. i thk onli la...
dn trust me... haha.. then maybe more safe!!! hehe