Wednesday, July 9, 2008

user test(loading page)

1.does this design attract ur attention?

a.yes b. okla c.not really!

2.wat did u like in this loading page?

a.the color b.the design c.the movement of the beanstalk d.nothing at all the color combination is good?
a. strongly agree b. agree c. strongly disagree d.disagree

4.Suggestion for improving (the navigate/interface design/color/background)?


Anonymous said...

1- b
2- c
3- b
i think the color consider is cold color, me is quite ''cold'',but still ok,i quite like the movement of the growing

ahkean said...

maybe the background can improve to let the "tree" stand out?
i dun know, just my comment..hehe

hui said...

1-b 2-a 3-b