Friday, July 11, 2008

user test(stroy telling)

i got a problem with the background...the color i dunno put wat...if texture i also duno put wat...comment of urs are very need~!thx o u realise that u are in the story page?
a.ofcos i know b .o.... c. really ar? d.wat?!this is a story page?!

2.the 1st background better or the 2nd better?
a. 1st one b.2nd one c.3rd d.4th e.all also not nice f.aiya...change the color la!

3.can you read the story?are the words clear?
a.yes b.change the color of the words c.change the fornt!cant read! d.cant read at all is the characther design?

a.the color of the colth not nice b.nice c.change the character d.very weird

5..wat did u like most in this main page design?
a.the color b.the paper c.mother d.Jack e.others?(list down)

6.does the design of this story telling attract ur attention and wanted to continue reading?
a Yes! b.ok la c.erm.... d. NO!

7.Do u understand the story?

a.yup b.after reading,yes c.not really d.i dunno wat is talking about

8.Suggestion for improving (the navigate/interface design/color/background/character/front)?


Anonymous said...

i like hte first n the last one...:)


hui said...

i dn knw which i like... haha..
maybe same as he or she ... perhaps..
actually all feel comfortable lo...
just c which u like most...

hui said...

erm.. d character d shirt nt bad...
d color vry match wif ur bkground n design..
but d guy reli look like sasuke style...

Colleen a.k.a Aya said...

1. A
2. B
3. A
4. hrmmm... sasuke style... lols
5. A
6. B

actually overall looks not bad... Those buttons also looks obvious~
keep it up~

Ah OhOh~!!! JIA YOU~!!!

Anonymous said...

sasuke~~~ all character also sasuke face geh~~~~~