Monday, November 17, 2008

i wanna stay as a child...

now i really realise that i, slower and slower, one step and one step closer to the adult world. which i never want to. the adult world are to complicated,hard to understand, lots of different kind of people. a very realistic world.

slowly,i meet lots of different people, problems, and some unreasonable people.people who do not talk reasons..and with my personality, my hot temper, lots of trouble comes..maybe i really should learn to clam down.learn to be smart when with some dun talk reasons de people. i shall ask god to cool my temper down..haha..ask god to change my personality..
change to patience,became more girlish,talk nicely,erm...cant think of other else..

adult world= mask world

y mask world?cos everybody also wearing a mask to live on.without the mask,we hardly to survive in this cruel world.that's y,i do not like to grow up.i know lots of things we hv to go through.but just dunno how to handle it when it comes..

doraemon....borrow me ur time machine pls...haha

1 comment:

hui said...

i agree what u write here....
its true..
so sien... V.V