Friday, February 13, 2009

my life

Did you guys gone thru the life where by someone walk into your life and mess up with your life and just walk away like that?

Not really wanna to think back the past where the person step into my life. It just that day that person ask my help and i just think back.Actually wasn't all is the person fault,i also have the fault. i should be more rational. it just when you think back, you will just think about how wonderful if the person doesn't appear or if that thing doesn't happen.

I'm not really happy with the person,cos that person just mess up with my life,leaving the scar on me and the person himself walk away like nothing happen.and after hurting me,now wanted me to help back that person.
just fck off...dun expect i will treat you like what i treat you last time. i will never be good to the person i dislike or hate.

the person that appeared really change my life(mayb..more or less it will also have) change my personality( a bit ba?)
hrm..mayb be more mature already..look into a friend when you try to make friend with,that's what i learn.think twice before you do yourself more than trust a friend.have more friends is always the best way.

blah blah....just want to said out the feeling i have...dun ask me wat is it.i wont want to talk about it.

enjoy the life i have now,that's what i know.but...i really feel my life very boring,dull.
i still hate that person now.hate everything that person have.the attitude,the way of thinking...all


hui said...

what is it?
mati also wan to ask.. ^^
nola.. dn ans me...
be hapi..
make ur heart big a bit..'
hapi valentine day.. muackssS

Y.M said...

kiok kiok~
I understand~
cause had this kind of experience b4...
don't be sad la...
Im always there beside u,k~