Monday, February 23, 2009

how to survive when u saw a perverted guy

the world really many perverted guy..what the.
this morning my friend saw a perverted guy again.this time was an old man around 40++. So old edi still want to do this kind of things. Really no brain. 40++ already can be our dad, still show his there to us..fuck him...

i really not understand why showing their there very "suang" meh? next time u guys see these kind of people,spray pepper spray at their there. Kick him.
Ofcos,u have to see the condition. If at night,ofcos run away la. If morning,you can do that la.

so, if u guys see any of this kind people. take their photo, spray them, shout at them:" wa!so small 1",take down their car number,tell everyone in the college.kick them if u can.scratch their car if u see them anywhere.

so gals.becareful and be smart!

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