Monday, September 29, 2008

wonderful world...

slogan is ''don't worry be happy''
the left bottom there will be something similar to the 2nd pic.
2nd media will be wallet,beg..or police car?
company will be sunway lagoon,or other playgound

slogan:'' the best comfort place is home''

2nd media, LRT and cyber cafe

the slogan is 'think young,stay young'

2nd media is on the bus or basketball ground.
using toycity or a gift shop

the slogan is 'open your wing wide and enjoy'
i change a bit of the will be somethings similar like the 2nd pic.

the slogan hv the wings out to support it and make it more stand out.
2nd media i was thinking to put it ar pyramid ground floor's floor there. and some tall building window.

sport shop or music shop.

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joannekok said...

1. Sunway Lagoon, Bag.

2. Slogan: The most comfortable place is Home
- Nippon, LRT


4. Slogan: Spread your wings and enjoy the world
- pls confirm on your 2nd media and logo