Monday, October 13, 2008

boring life... life were so in toa were so damn damn boring..
everyday you just do assignment assignment and assignment none stop..
sometimes cant even you leave your chair when rushing the assignment..even whole day no class also stay in a mighty small room inside just work and work..
i wonder when these life will stop...
it was so boring...
like a black and white world..
at our age we should be lightful and out to play always..
now we cant even enjoy our life...
so stress...
when we came out to work same things happen to us..
tell me...
when will these boring and stressful life will end..
so boring..
bring some color into my life la..
boring till dead la
dun want GROW UP!!!!


hui said...

yaya..agree wif u..
color it 2gether la.. haha
but maybe after graduate .. perhaps.. v.v

orkidfa said... need de...we color it at sem break la