Tuesday, October 28, 2008

working hard

i change the typeface for the name n title.is like a bit old feeling..the last time better or this time better?
the bunny with shadow better or without?

the portfolio page.which 1 nicer?comment?


hueymay said...

the word with older look more suitable..i think

MC hotdogs said...

erm....actually all is very nice alrdy..i think dont put the cartoon character will be better :)

Y.M said...

I think the portfolio page,2nd 1 whould be better..
in that page got 4 pages ma,i suggest
dat the top of each page put the words like biodata,portfolio,etc...den it'll be more easier to let ppl choose which page they wanna c...coz b4 u refine all this, i thought dat were the focus page shadow..