Thursday, November 27, 2008

fantasy's the refine interface...hope it looks nicer...comment pls..

1st interface design...erm..this 1 better or last time tat 1 better?how about the logo color?

2nd interface design.. the 1st or 2nd background better?which 1 nicer?any comment to improve?

3rd interface..1 logo color better or 2nd better?

how about the background?any comment?


Anonymous said...

bout the design
i think the background of the 1t one is more nicer

hueymay said...

now the first is better i guess
the 3rd i choose second
2nd..i choose second..

Colleen said...

for the 1st interface... i think this 1 better.

the 2nd one... first 1 better... bt logo abit weird...

the 3rd one oso the 1st 1 better...