Sunday, December 14, 2008

my birthday~~!!!!

yay~they celebrate my brithday together~~haha....tat doll n the clip is by gll~nice...i like it very much~and thx for all who celebrate my bd~~kekekeke
we been to pc fair at saturday..i drive to there,but not sure the we all just go there by luck..haha..well,we reach there very soon..(because i very geng ma) i buy a printer 3 in 1...rm199..soooo heavyyyyy...had to pull it back to my car...lucky i drive,or not dunno how 2 take bus back o...
i want play~~~
lets go to play~~


Colleen a.k.a Aya said...

fafafafafa~ happy buffday!!!
sorry ya... not able to cele with u... =.=
hope all ur wishes comes true~!
Enjoy ur holiday ya~! =D

orkidfa said...

must have birthday present!!