Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Project Concept Proposal (Pets wonderland)

Project Definition
To show the user friendly and pets friendly to attract more user to log on and to buy their product.
More useful information to persuade customers to buy it.

Current Site Analysis Goals
-Provide products and pets to lets customers know.
-Provide tips for care on pets
-Services and promotion
-Should have price on products and pets.
-Should have more information on the products
-to much information on main page,no hierarchy,no focus point
-maybe having a enter page would be more interesting
-promotion on main page can be in words, show only when readers want to see it.(since the promotion picture wasn't nice)

Client's Analysis
Mr Chew Boon Kee, Pets Wonderland founder was noticed that pet shops were just stores selling animals.Mr Chew dreamed of something much more user friendly and much more pet friendly. The first Pets Wonderland outlet was opened in 2001 in MidValley Megamall occupying a floor space of 8,000 square feet.The Pets Wonderland job application form states, “Only pet lovers need apply”

Selling pets and products to pets lover
service for the pets
“Privilege Card Member” (PCM) for serious pet owners

Short & Long-term Site Goals
newsletter is have to make sure the customers come back.
banners can be have in forum of pets, so the pets owner will notice this site.
promotion should be update fast
tips are provide to easy for pets owner to care their new pets.

Target Audience
more to adult pets lover and owners. promotion is to attract them to visit this site and to buy it.
this site have their own forum,so the customers can post their pets photo and discuss things at there.
Children and teenager can be targeted too,since some of them are having their own pets.

this is one of the product is produce by pets wonderland.it have a few favor like chicken favor, chicken and vegetable favor, beef and others. i found out they din use their main color like red and blue but other colors like peach color. i feel like it have kinda loss it own identity. and because of the color, i do not feel its attractive enough for me to buy this product. and it doesn't feel delicious too..

but then when i visit their shop,they have use others color to separate things. and i still think their main color would be red and blue.

when i visit there, and i ask the workers whether they have brochure or leaflet a not.and they answer me no... =(

Site map

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