Wednesday, May 13, 2009


client analysis
1.a lots of boxes,no hierarchy
2.picture are pixel,distort
3.lack of design
4.product don't have price label,no information on product
5.using pop up window for product(which i found out annoying) should have more intersting and nice photo focus point on main page.don't know what to read 1st.

competitor anaylsis

1.have more intersting design
2.more intersting navigation
3.product have price with information
4.light color make the whole web site look more cheerful

1.on the right side had lots of space
2.lack of design
3.main page banner is flash and clickable,where the promotion and stuff is there..looks a bit weird
4.the site is under consturction

sherithans pet centre
1.have enter page,make the whole site looks more intersting
2.less information,easy to read and understand
3.picture are pixel price on product and pets
5.using pop up window

classic pet shop

1.the banner in main page when enter have flash animation which is nice
2.when click into other page,the banner will keep play the animation and sound(which is annoying)
3.looks blank
4.pop up window for product design on navigation fot the catalog
6.looks boring on the catalog

beautiful commercial site
1.although is boxy but it was interesting
2.nice texture and color
3.well hierarchy of information
4.interesting navigation and movement.
5.easy to search things and know where to click.
6.have a very classy feel for the whole website
1.have a interesting will change every time when get into it
2.well information,easy to know where to click
3.nice hierarchy of information
1.interesting navigation
2. the web give a very "sporty" feeling
3.good hierarchy of typography
4.clean and nice
5.though is quite lots of information,but user know where to click
1.using the main color of kfc makes people 1st sight knows this site is for kfc
2.well information,clean and nice
3.nice photo

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